Hill Counseling
Helping you find your own way


Welcome to my webpage. I hope the information here will be helpful to you in your search for help.

I believe there is no such thing as a "one size fits all" when it comes to counseling. Therefore, I do not employ only one strategy or approach with every client. I will try to fit my approach to you, the client, wherever you may be in life and to use strategies or interventions that best meet your needs and outlook.

I start from the premise that our responses to current life situations are informed by our history. Understanding our past and seeing those events through new perspectives can free us to make more informed, healthier choices.

I have worked extensively with people who are coping with depression and anxiety as well as grief and loss. I also have experience with play therapy, and work with children in that regard.

I believe counseling can be of great benefit to anyone, whether they are seeking help for a problem like depression or whether they are looking to do some general self-improvement.